Our Vision

Having now established a major presence in our domestic market, SINOPEP is ready to realize its vision to achieve significant business in peptides and generic APIs complying with the US & EU regulating market.  To support our partners worldwide, we will have 4 DMFs to be submitted in 2012-2013 and have the new facility approved by FDA.


Our Strategy 

SINOPEP is focused on the expanding generics market worldwide. We're dedicated to strengthening our international market presence through providing our partners with cost-saving APIs and value-added services. SINOPEP has also expanded to non-peptidic APIs, which adds significant value to the existing product line. Our products apply to the area of Antithrombotics, Antiplatelet, Diabetes, Oncology, Immune Regulatory, Cardiovascular disease, Anti-depression and beyond.




  • Peptides
  • Generic APIs
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis