SINOPEP is committed to being your long-term strategic partner throughout your drug development process. With our most talented peptide and registration experts, we are dedicated to helping our customers achieve success in their regulatory applications. We have the expertise, facilities, and confidence to support your project from start to finish.

Cost-Saving, High-Quality APIs

One of our competitive advantages is to supply our partners with cost-saving, high-quality APIs throughout their drug development process.

GMP-Compliant Facilities

Our cGMP commercial-scale manufacturing base covers an area of 1,200,000 square feet. Our peptides are manufactured under strict adherence to FDA regulations 21 CFR parts 210 & 211 and ICH Q7A.

Full-Service From Start to Finish

Our partners will benefit from Sinopep’s comprehensive services of drug development, regulatory support, and cGMP bulk supply in the postmarketing phase.

Reliable Team Player

Sinopep is your reliable partner that you can always count on. We are a good team player that is willing to listening, identifying, and responding to your needs.  With our expertise and experience, we are confident in our ability  to meet your needs.

We understand that trust is always built on long-term collaboration. We are confident that our performance and products will prove to merit your trust. Contact us today to challenge our expertise!

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  • Generic APIs
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis