With our advanced cGMP facilities and talented peptide experts, we are able to synthesize peptides from milligram scale of non-cGMP batches to kilogram scale of cGMP batches.


Major peptide technologies we are applying include:


◆  Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis(SPPS)

SPPS technology is commonly applied for longer and more complex sequences, and is usually used to manufacture large scale of peptide APIs. The batch size can reach kilograms.


◆  Solution Phase Synthesis(SPS)

SPS technology is particularly applied for shorter peptide sequences.


◆  Combination of SPPS and SPS for Upscaling

In some cases, we may use SPS technology to synthesize small peptide fragments, and then use SPPS technology to make these small fragments conjuncted to form longer peptides. This is an economic and time-saving way of upscaling the manufacturing process for longer peptides.


◆  Purification

Purification strategy is vital to product’s purity and related substances. We have the latest techniques to ensure product purity and identity in conformance with requested specifications: preparative HPLC, conventional chromatography, ion exchange, gel chromatography, counter-current distribution and etc.


◆  Lyophilization

Sinopep provides flexible lyophilization technologies for the final isolation stage based on customer’s requirements.

  • Peptides
  • Generic APIs
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis