Congratulation on Sinopep being certified the national new high-tech enterprise

Recently the company receives “The National New High-Tech Enterpeise” issued by Jiangsu Science and Technology Agency, Jiangsu Finance Agency , National Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu and Local Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu. Cetificate number: GR201632004186, date for issuing: November 30, 2016, validity: 3 years.


Through this certification the company continues to further promote corporate innovative ability and core competency, that will bring positive impact on the company development. The success of applying for New High-Tech Enterprise symbolizes a new step of technical creative ability and level, and will enormously promote and improve the company image and carrying out of company’s innovation tasks, establishing a sound foundation for the realization of strategic targets.


  • Peptides
  • Generic APIs
  • Custom Peptide Synthesis